As an organization dedicated to inclusiveness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado values and celebrates the diversity and individuality of every child, volunteer, employee, board member, family and community partner.

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  • Aug16

    Match of the Month: Sam and Devonne

    Sam and Devonne have been matched for three years. The pair joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado through the Sports Buddies program. Devonne is an only child, and when as...

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  • Jul26

    Donor of the Month: Xcel Energy and Xcel Energy Foundation

    Xcel Energy serves hundreds of cities and towns throughout their service territory, and for over a decade, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado has been a proud community partne...

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  • Jul16

    Match of the Month: Ty and Alex

    Ty and Alex seemed to hit it off right away when they met eight months ago. Alex said, “We talk about everything: comics, girls, sports, school, movies, politics, people”. T...

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  • Jul6

    Mentor2.0 Spotlight: Claire and Maria

    Did you know that Sheridan High School will have 120 incoming freshman aspiring to be the first individuals in their families to attend college, and it's right in your back yard...

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  • Jun26

    Donor of the Month: Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo supports organizations that keep our communities strong, diverse, and vibrant. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado (BBBSC) has been a proud partner of Wells Fargo s...

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  • Jun23

    Match of the Month: AJ and Steven

    AJ and Steven have only been matched eight months, but when the two speak about each other it makes it seem much longer. The match has been strong since the beginning. They were...

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  • Jun23

    Match of the Month: Michael and Jirai

    Michael and Jirai have been matched for over a year and the two always have the best time together. Jirai calls or texts Michael each week to check-in to see if they have plans...

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  • Jun19

    Mentor2.0 Match - Rachael and Jeimy

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado is looking for volunteer mentors just like you for their mentor2.0 program in partnership with Sheridan High School. The program’s goal is...

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  • May25

    Donor of the Month: AT&T Aspire

    AT&T Aspire creates connections that drive innovation in education. Together, these connections are helping students and communities right here in Colorado, and all across Ameri...

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  • May22

    Match of the Month: Krisi and Valerie

    PJ and Tim were matched in Sports Buddies in October of 2016 and hit it off right away. PJ’s mom told Tim how gracious she was for him giving his time to the program and to PJ...

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