As an organization dedicated to inclusiveness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado values and celebrates the diversity and individuality of every child, volunteer, employee, board member, family and community partner.

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  • May15

    Big Shots Gala Beats Goal

    Over 550 guests were transported back to the Roaring Twenties at this year’s Big Shots Gala. The Art Deco inspired ballroom at the Sheraton Denver Downtown was filled with fla...

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  • May7

    Story 24 of 100: Jason and Juan - Fourteen Years Strong

    There are many sweet moments to reminisce about when looking back at the past 14 years for Jason and Juan. Matched in 2004 when Juan was only seven years old, Jason still remembers...

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  • May3

    Story 23 of 100: Nydia and Deisy

    Nydia learned about Big Brothers Big Sisters from her brother, who was a long-time volunteer and supporter. She was always interested in getting involved, but was unsure if she...

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  • Apr30

    Story 22 of 100: ​Anthony and Ramiro

    Anthony and Ramiro have been matched since 2014, when Ramiro was only 12 years old. Anthony and Ramiro were first matched in Sports Buddies regularly attending 2 events per month....

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  • Apr27

    Story 21 of 100: Ina and Anna

    Ana and Ina have been matched since July of 2015 and as they approach their 3 year anniversary, they’ve enjoyed reminiscing and sharing their story. When asked to talk about favo...

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  • Apr20

    Story 20 of 100: Rick and Shaheem

    Shaheem and Rick’s story begins in 2010, two years before they were officially matched by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. Shaheem was just 10 years old when he and his moth...

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  • Apr18

    Story 19 of 100: Joe and Daniel

    For some time now, mentor2.0 sophomore mentee Daniel has expressed interest in working with the CIA or Law Enforcement as a possible career choice. When his mentor Joe found out...

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  • Apr13

    Story 18 of 100: Paying It Forward - Hilary and Alexyss’ Story

    Little Sister Alexyss comes from a home with a single father, and although she has a relationship with her mother who lives in Pennsylvania, Big Sister Hilary has been there as...

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  • Apr11

    Story 17 of 100: Helping Speed Up Time

    Jill Doyle brought her children, Grant and Grace, into Big Brothers Big Sisters to help them cope with their dad’s deployment. This was not the first time that her husband Bil...

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  • Apr9

    Story 16 of 100: Roger and Donald

    We at mentor2.0 can't say enough about Roger's dedication and patience in working with his mentee, Donald. Donald is a mentee who, at times, is forgetful, something a lot of men...

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