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A BIG Donation

Posted: April 20, 2016

One Colorado Big is giving back in a big way. Denver husband and wife real estate team, The Cramer Group, has generously offered to donate 20 percent of their commission to BBBSC on the purchase or sale of any home that is referred to them through BBBSC.

The gift is inspired by Lisa Cramer's passion for working with children and the perspective she gained from her own experience as a Big and as a mother of two.

“The program BBBSC offers truly renewed my hope in the difference that one person can make, and it goes both ways," said Lisa. “My Little, Delila, made me a better person and a better mother to my children. She has impacted their lives, and my life more than she will ever know."

The first thing the 8-year-old said when Lisa introduced herself was, “Just so you know, I am a tomboy." Lisa replied, “Great, I am too, we're going to get along really well!"

As Delila got older, they talked about life and decisions and the long term impact that our decisions can have.

“I believe that all kids need is a chance," said Lisa. “I would not have the compassion or the insight to explain these things to my children if I had not seen where Delila came from and where other people in her family ended up. She has taught me so much about myself. A couple of hours a week can really make a difference. What's really more important than that?"

Lisa met her husband, Mark, early on when she was matched and he has also become a big part of Delila's life. The couple decided they did not want to stop their commitment after high school and offered to open their home and pay for Delila to continue her education. She went on to get her Certified Nursing Assistant designation from Emily Griffith Nursing Program.

“After dinner we would do flash cards. Our whole family was working towards the goal of getting her through the program," Lisa recalled.

And that is just what she did. Delila graduated with her CNA and found a job. She was able to get her first apartment and buy her first car. Delila is now 22 and lives in Denver. She is back in school at Metro while still working in nursing because she wanted to further her education, and has done it all on her own.

What is the best piece of advice for anyone looking to become a Big?

“You have to carve time out in your life and look at it as a priority that other things need to fit around. If you can make the time, you get so much more out of it than just putting in a few hours a week. At the end of your life, what are you going to look back on and feel like you made an impact? It's not attending another business meeting. This program is something you will feel good about and something that will shape your character and self-worth forever!"

Why you decided to partner with BBBSC?

“I started with BBBSC even before I had my professional career in sight," said Lisa. “Mark and I both feel passionately about BBBSC and the benefits of mentoring in our community. We have kids of our own now, but still want to make a difference and be part of this great organization. We want to do what we can to help kids get matched, and we know you need resources to do that."

For more information on the give back program Mark and Lisa are offering, please contact Lisa Cramer at 303-717-7272 or