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Gabrielle & Athena

Posted: March 24, 2017

Gabrielle and her mentor Athena are matched in the mentor2.0 Program at Sheridan High School. Mentor2.0 is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado’s newest mentoring program. In mentor2.0 high school students are matched one-to-one with an adult mentor in 9th grade and are mentored throughout high school. Mentor/mentee pairs develop their relationship through weekly online exchanges and monthly in-person events at the school. In addition to ensuring they graduate high school, mentor2.0 provides mentees with support and guidance in developing a comprehensive plan for post-secondary education, training, and employment. Big Brothers Big Sisters launched mentor2.0 at Sheridan High School in 2015, and we are now serving 175 students at this school, including Gabrielle.

Gabrielle is in 9th grade. She moved to the United States from the Philippines in 2013, and quickly mastered English as a second language. She is an outstanding student, consistently performing at the top of her class academically and participating in many extracurricular activities. She plays volleyball and is on the track team at school, she is learning how to snowboard through the school’s venture club, and she is very active in her church community. In the future Gabrielle plans to become an interior designer.

Before becoming a mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, Athena had mentored inner city high school students in Connecticut. “I found that my life experiences, experience overcoming adversity, and my strong communication skills put me in a great position to connect and provide guidance to these teenagers. Building trust with people quickly and providing leadership is what I excel at and is also what has allowed me to achieve success in my professional life.” Athena is excited for the opportunity to impact another young person through mentor2.0.

Gabrielle and Athena hit it off from day one in the mentor2.0 Program. Both bubbly and fun-loving, these two always look forward to seeing one another at the program’s monthly events. Each week, they make use of the online communication platform to the fullest: whether they’re talking about what’s going on in school, work, or each other’s personal lives, it is clear Gabrielle and Athena have already developed a strong bond.

When asked what her favorite part of having a mentor has been so far, Gabrielle said that she likes to know “there’s somebody I can always count on . . . She’s a great listener, and I feel like she gives good advice.” And the feeling is certainly mutual—Athena shared that Gabrielle “is so special and such a determined, focused young lady. I really enjoy the conversations we have together.” Having only been matched for six months, it really seems like the sky is the limit for these two!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado is now recruiting mentors for the incoming 2017-2018 9th grade class. We need over 100 volunteers for this incoming class. Click here for more information about how you can get involved in mentor2.0.