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Match of the Month: Peter and Dylan

Posted: April 25, 2017

Peter and Dylan have been matched for 18 months in the Sports Buddies Program. They have connected through their interest in fishing, the outdoors, and sports. No matter the event - whether they’re cruising around on longboards, pulling out Rainbow Trout from the lake at Wash Park, or shredding down the slopes of Eldora – these two are smiling and having a great time at Sports Buddies events!

Peter and Dylan have participated in many different activities offered in the Sports Buddies Program such as dodgeball, rock climbing, volleyball, kickball, and karate! These two are always willing to try new things with great enthusiasm. And as a result have formed an awesome bond.

They’re also both great teachers. For instance, at spectator events you’ll often see Peter dancing to the newest music out – keeping Dylan hip to the new trends. Or while fishing, you’ll see Dylan showing Peter (a fishing expert himself) new techniques and styles.

In addition to playing at events and hanging out with other matches, these two use time at events to talk about other topics such as school. Peter has used Dylan as a resource, whether they’re discussing challenges or successes in school. Dylan does a great job of understanding Peter’s perspective and offering him the best advice and support he can from his own experiences. Dylan also has shared his experience with other Bigs’ while serving on the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring for School Success panel.