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Match of the Month: Krisi and Valerie

Posted: May 22, 2017

Krisi and Valerie have a wonderfully unique match story. They met in October of 2011 and hit it off immediately. Both have spunky and creative personalities that make their time together so much fun! Over the years they’ve enjoyed some truly unique activities together, like making homemade pickles which they then hand delivered to their program specialist and insisted she give it a taste, learning how to 'curl' their hair using socks, designing and sewing a dress for Valerie, and even building their own volcano!

About two years in to their wildly successful match, Krisi found out she was accepted in to a prestigious grad school program in Germany. Krisi and Valerie immediately put a plan in place that would keep their friendship intact despite the distance, because they both knew without a doubt once Krisi returned, they’d be matched again. Throughout Krisi’s time abroad, they maintained their friendship through texts and letters. They found a way to make it work. When Krisi returned to Denver, it didn’t take long to reconnect with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and she and Valerie were ‘re-matched’ in February 2017. It was as if a day hadn’t passed and we were so proud to make them officially part of our program once again. Even though it’s been years now into their friendship, Krisi and Valerie take pride in continuing to learn new things about each other – like Krisi’s love of The Muppets and Valerie’s love for ceramics. They appreciate and value each other’s differences just as much as their similarities and enjoy taking on new challenges in their match together. Even though Krisi is a vegetarian, she took it upon herself to learn how to make some meat dishes so she could help Valerie learn how to cook what she loved. Recently they decided to learn how to use the grill together - chicken for Valerie and veggies for Krisi. Krisi admits it took her and Valerie three tries to figure out how to work the grill properly, which often included her warning Valerie, “I think you should stand farther away, just in case,” but Krisi insists they are now grill masters.

Krisi and Valerie’s match story showcases the power that mentoring can hold, through commitment, consistency, and having faith in one another, resulting in a bond that not even distance can break. Thank you, Krisi and Valerie for sharing your story and inspiring others.