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Match of the Month: Michael and Jirai

Posted: June 23, 2017

Michael and Jirai have been matched for over a year and the two always have the best time together. Jirai calls or texts Michael each week to check-in to see if they have plans to hang out. They’ve done a variety of fun activities from winning tickets to see the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Broncos, to a Team BIG Puzzle Day, and most recently a trip to play in the water at Pirates Cove. Jirai also enjoys when Michael comes to watch his basketball and football games.

Jirai said that he wouldn't change anything about his match with Michael. "I’m glad I get to try something new with Michael, like hiking," he said. Jirai then said that he helps Michael come up with their activity ideas like wanting to help the homeless, coloring, and going to the library.

“In the quick year we've been matched, Jirai went from a shy kid that was there the first day I adopted my dog Bailey to a confident kid that will call me to remind me that we are scheduled to meet up for our planned activity,” Michael said. “I thought it might be overwhelming to "mentor" a kid but what I've discovered is that these kids just want a consistent friend. I know how to do that, and it's been so much fun!”