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Match of the Month: Camryn and Karen

Posted: December 18, 2017

Camryn and Karen have been matched for nearly six years. They started in the Sports Buddies Program where they were one of only a handful of female matches. However, that never stopped them from getting out there and competing. Now they enjoy doing a wider variety of activities together. Camryn enjoys coming up with ideas for their outings and they never seem to do the same thing twice. They’ve had fun at Broncos games, the movies, fro-yo, museum trips, a tour of Celestial Seasonings and even a kickboxing class! Camryn and Karen have also tried to take time together to volunteer and give back to our community.

To Camryn and Karen their friendship and the opportunity to just spend time together and talk is more important than any activity they could do! Even when they aren’t able to get together they make sure to check in through a text or phone call. Camryn and Karen are both world travelers and love exchanging stories and photos of their adventures. Their stories from around the world would make anybody envious. Karen has also tried to be a support for Camryn as she transitioned into high school. She enjoys cheering Camryn on and watching her find success in her many extracurricular activities such as band and ROTC. Most recently, Karen shared a proud moment when Camryn got her first job, in parks and recreation, the very same sector Karen works in. Karen said, “my favorite thing about Camryn is that she’s always up for anything. She has gained so much self-confidence since we first met and it really shows.”