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Story 3 of 100: Zach and Josiah

Posted: February 1, 2018

Zach and Josiah have been matched for one year this month. They hit it off right away and for the past year have been on countless adventures together. Zach totally understands what being a Big Brother is – showing up consistently and being a positive friend. They enjoy doing simple and free outings like walking around Costco, hiking, bike riding, fixing things or baking at Zach’s house, walking around downtown, and going to the rec center. Josiah said, “Zach is not a big spoiler, he keeps his limits and teaches me how to save up money. He takes care of me and we get to go hiking and talk about video games!”

Zach and Josiah’s mom have a great partnership that allows their match relationship to flourish. Josiah’s mom said, “Zach does a really amazing job being relatable to Josiah, regardless of what he’s going through. He’ll share how he felt about something similar when he was a kid. He’s a real example of ‘walking the walk’ and that kind of person is hard to come by. He demonstrates to Joey in his daily interaction with him the importance of education and just having fun doing day-to-day things.”

It’s obvious what an impact these two have had on each other and thankfully they are continuing their match together beyond their first year.