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Fundraiser for Volley For Kids' Sake

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As an organization dedicated to inclusiveness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado values and celebrates the diversity and individuality of every child, volunteer, employee, board member, family and community partner.

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Volley For Kids' Sake
Date: Jun 9, 2018

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Volley for Kids' Sake is a grass volleyball and cornhole tournament where participants team up to support the proven power of one-to-one mentoring.

Volleyball Tournament Format
The tournament format is co-ed rotating pairs. Sign up with a co-ed partner and keep that partner for the entire tournament. Each co-ed team is assigned to a pool and plays one game with each of the other co-ed teams in their pool. Since this tournament is open to anyone, your first pools will have all different skill-levels and experience. Based on team record, your team can advance through the tournament with each division having a net of the Final Four teams to determine the winner. Each team is guaranteed two rounds of pool play (6+ matches to 21) followed by more rounds for the finalists, for a $60 per team.

Don't play volleyball?

Compete in the VFKS Cornhole Tournament starting at 10 am. $35 entry fee (for 2 players), great prizes, all proceeds support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado!


Saturday, June 9, 2018
Cranmer Park - 4501 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80220
8:30: Check in time
8:45: Introduction & Rules
9am: Start play
10am: Cornhole check-in
1pm: Playoffs begin

Entry levels

$35 - Cornhole (2 players)

$60 - Volleyball (2 players co-ed)

Sponsorship levels

"Bump" - $250 - Two team entries, logo on volleyball net, event signage and website

"Set" - $500 - Three team entries, logo on volleyball net, website, event signage and recognition by emcee, booth option

"Spike" - $1,000 - Ten team entries, logo on volleyball net, website, event signage, social media, e-newsletter, booth option, and speaking opportunity

Sponsorship: Ashly.Ligouri@BigLittleColorado.org

General questions: JulianaW@biglittlecolorado.org

More information: Click here

Registration: Click here

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