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Fundraiser for Six Pack Sports Million Vertical Feet

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As an organization dedicated to inclusiveness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado values and celebrates the diversity and individuality of every child, volunteer, employee, board member, family and community partner.

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Six Pack Sports Million Vertical Feet

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Support Big Brothers Big Sisters Colorado through our Million Vertical Feet fundraiser!

MVF is back and we'd love your support!

This March, Six Pack Sports- our adult sports organization aimed at building an inclusive community around fun, fitness, camaraderie and fundraising- is taking on its third Million Vertical Feet challenge. After great success in 2013 and 2015, this every-other-year event is back for 2017. What is MVF? MVF is a ski fundraiser in which Six Pack skiers raise funds to bring underprivileged kids in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado Sports Buddies program skiing/snowboarding. The challenge is for 20 of us to collectively ski two million vertical feet in one day, 100,000 vert ft/person. This involves skiing for 12 hours straight, including under the lights, over 50 runs without ever stopping.

We're 2-for-2 in accomplishing our vertical feet goals in 2013 and 2015- and more importantly- and thanks to many of you- we've raised $30,000 and brought over 140 underprivileged kids in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Sports Buddies program to the slopes for incredible experiences. Click here and here to read about our past MVF success.

We're excited to be back this year to accomplish a tremendous feat on the hill and raise heaps of funds for this spring's Sports Buddies Ski Day. The funds we raise will cover transportation, all equipment rentals, all lift tickets and ski/snowboard lessons and lunch for each kid. Any excess funds will carry over to next year's Sports Buddies Ski Day. To donate to our cause, please click on the link below. Your contribution- of any size- will allow us to provide this wonderful opportunity for more of Colorado's underprivileged kids. We are all appreciative, thank you!

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