As an organization dedicated to inclusiveness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado values and celebrates the diversity and individuality of every child, volunteer, employee, board member, family and community partner.

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G1VING Society

Think back to a time in your life when you needed a hand. Maybe it was some perfectly timed advice. Maybe it was support when you needed to be lifted up. Or perhaps you were fortunate enough to have someone who took you under their wing and made sure you were successful.


Be Part of the G1VING Society

The G1VING Society was formed in 2015 with the goal of raising $1 million by 2018 in honor of the Centennial Anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. In order to be part of the G1VING Society, donors must make a gift of $10,000 or more.

Your gift will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Invitation to participate in the selection of awardees for annual college scholarships
  • Special listing/highlight in Annual ReportSpecial listing/highlight on our website
  • Invitation to annual Mentors Make it Happen event for you and your mentor, current and alumni matches will also be in attendance
  • Invitation to attend a Saturday Team Big or Sports Buddies event
  • Invitation to special and exclusive events including our annual graduation celebration, holiday party, and back-to-school event
  • Invitation to annual Donor Recognition event
  • Public recognition for your generous contribution

Additional benefits are provided to donors giving at a level >$10,000:

  • Invitation to special and exclusive events.
  • Invitation to annual Corporate Society event and the CEO state of the organization annual meeting.
  • Opportunity to host a Match “double date” between a current match and yourself plus a personal guest or mentor/mentee.

G1VING Society Members

  • Charlie & Bethany Atkins
  • Brian and Sarah Boonstra
  • Barry & Dana Dorfman
  • Val Dufour
  • Todd & Lindsay Filsinger
  • Marc & Cynthia Haverland
  • Dick & Robin Kelly
  • Dan & Le'Ann Key
  • Steve & Sami Lockton
  • Marvin & Cheryl McDaniel
  • Marc & Elizabeth McDonough
  • Rob & Gina Norris
  • Kevin & Samantha O'Hara
  • Ken & Jane O'Neal
  • Rob Roberts
  • Albert & Debbie Rosenthaler
  • Dave & Christy Ryan
  • Laura & Joe Schupbach
  • Diane & Bob Stanek
  • Pat Stevinson
  • Bob & Betsey Unger
  • Paul & Mary VanDenBosch
  • Judy & Dick Weill
  • Hugh & Nan Williams
  • David & Debbie Younggren