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Community Based Mentoring Programs

Community-Based Mentoring is the original Big Brothers Big Sisters model in which each Big and Little Match meets 2-4 times per month during times of their own choosing and determine activities based on common interests. There are thousands of children ages 7-12 in Big Brothers Big Sisters–Pikes Peak’s current service area who come from low-income, single-parent families. 

REACH Mentoring is an extension of our Community-Based Mentoring and is aimed towards mentoring children of incarcerated parents.  Big and Little Matches meet several times per month during times of their own choosing, and determine activities based on common interests. Children mentored in Big Brothers Big Sisters have showed that mentoring increases a child’s ability to avoid delinquency and helps a child to make better choices throughout their childhood.

Operation Mentor is directed towards children of deployed military parents from Fort Carson.  There are currently over 4,600 children with deployed parent(s) at Fort Carson’s Mountain Post and many of these children are struggling with the fear that their dad and/or mom may not return from war, or may return with life altering injuries.  Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to strengthen these children’s futures and enhance their quality of life during their parent’s deployments, and provide these children with the support they need to reach their full potential in life.

Go to the movies, play in the park, get a burger, walk your dog, wash your car, go on a hike -  just have fun! Our staff will provide ideas as well as free activities and tickets to community events. Community mentoring requires a twelve month commitment.


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