Elycia Cook, CEO

"I work at BBBSC because being a part of the mentoring movement and being a mentor is my way of being the person I needed most when I was a child. I encourage people of all ages, life situations, backgrounds and ethnicities to always be a mentor and have a mentor." -Elycia Cook

Some highlights of Elycia’s impact include:

  • Over 15 years of positive youth development and non-profit leadership
  • 2017 recipient of Urban Spectrum’s African American Making a Difference Award
  • Was Denver Business Journal's Outstanding Woman in Business of 2020 and awarded National MENTOR’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Mentoring
  • Deeply involved in the community serving on the Community 1st's Business Development Committee, the Jack and Jill South Suburban Denver Executive Board, the Community Impact and Philanthropic Services Committees, and the Colorado Gives Day Committee
  • Former DEI Committee Chair for Social Venture Partners Denver and board member of the Community First Foundation
Elycia Cook- CEO


"BBBSC is not just an organization I work for, I believe deeply in the mission and the power of a mentor to change the course of one’s life."
"I am honored to represent mentorship and human connection where two people enter each other’s lives to motivate and encourage each other to be the best version of themselves. ."
"I work at BBBSC to Make lasting differences in the lives of youth through mentorship parallels my vision for growing and supporting staff.  BBBSC is committed to developing staff to their fullest potential which in turn allows staff to grow and differentiate our Bigs and Littles!!"


"I work at BBBSC because I believe through mentoring relationships we can empower youth to reach their full potential and lead the positive change we all hope to see in our communities."
"In my mission to advance mentoring and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, I envision mentoring as a ripple that transforms lives, communities, and the world for the better."
"I work at BBBSC because I strongly believe that mentoring is the most effective strategy for solving many of the social problems that plague our society. "
"I work at BBBSC because the influence of a mentor is boundless and I get to wake-up every day knowing my work has an impact on not only the youth we serve, but the many others our mission reaches."
"I work at BBBSC because I know the importance ONE extra person fighting in your corner can have on someone's life and am honored to be able to help connect youth and adults in our community, to make this impact happen!"
"I work at BBBSC because every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be."
"I work at BBBSC because I have experienced the impact of mentorship and want youth in our community to feel supported in everything they do. "
"I work at BBBSC because I believe that every child deserves a strengths-based mentor in their corner to hear, to advocate, and to encourage our next generation of leaders."
"I work at BBBSC because of the people that make this organization incredible and the mission achievable - from the superhero parents & guardians, the amazingly talented youth, the incredibly compassionate to the caring volunteers, and entire staff who put their whole heart into everything we do! "
"I work at BBBS because I think young people succeed and grow when given opportunity and support; I believe in our mission and our ability to help support our future leaders!"             
"I work at BBBSC because of the people and the mission; the people are incredibly inspiring and the mission drives me to make a difference in the lives of others, every day."
"I work at BBBSC because my goal is to make a difference in the community and to leave people better than I found them"
"I work at BBBSC because I have seen young people achieve their dreams, overcome adversity, and go so much further than they ever imagined because someone they trusted believed they could do it and didn't let them forget it."
"I work at BBBSC because I believe that every young person deserves someone who will be their biggest fan and champion them in all they do."
"I work at BBBSC because mentoring is a powerful tool to create a more equitable and just world."
“Here at BBBS I have been given the opportunity to serve young people, amazing families and Bigs from various backgrounds. I will provide the support and safety they need to continue an impactful relationship.”
"I work at BBBSC to support friendships that might not otherwise happen, and those relationships strengthen individuals and ultimately, our larger community as a whole." 
"I work at BBBSC to advocate for youth in my community in order to make a lifelong change." 
"To me, Big Brothers Big Sisters is about creating positive change in youths life through relationships, consistency, and trust"
"I work at BBBSC because the next generation deserves a helping hand to make sure they have the opportunity to have choices in life."
"I work at BBBSC because I believe every kid deserves a positive, supportive, and caring mentor in their life, and because I want all kids to know that they are important and that they can achieve their full potential—I believe that working at BBBSC I can help do that."
"I work at BBBSC because I believe every child deserves a person who will be in their corner, providing encouragement, support, and guidance so that the child can be the best version of themselves."