With the help of our donors, volunteers and partners, Big Brothers Big Sisters makes a Big impact on children’s education. The effect has been confirmed by study after study and can be tracked and monitored using our best-in-class measurement tools.

Our landmark study

Our impact on education is evident in research conducted by Public/Private Ventures and published in 1995. When comparing children matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister to those waiting to be served by Big Brothers Big Sisters, these researchers found that:

Littles skipped half as many school days than their peers

Littles skipped fewer classes than their peers

Littles felt more competent about doing schoolwork

Children who are in school, in class, and engaged in their work are more likely to succeed.

What our current Littles say

Our impact on education is confirmed by those closest to it: our Littles. In a 2009, we commissioned industry leader Civic Enterprises to conduct a nationwide survey of our Bigs and Littles. Of those children surveyed,

97% of Littles said working hard in school is very important

94% of Littles said graduating from college is very important

95% of Littles said going to school and getting a good education is very important

Children who work hard, recognize the value of education, and set a goal of going to college are more likely to succeed.

What our alumni say

Our impact on education is felt long after Littles graduate from high school. In 2009, Harris Interactive conducted an online survey of alumni Littles from across the nation. Among those former Littles:

77% said they are doing better in school because of their Big

52% agreed their Big kept them from dropping out of high school

65% agreed their Big helped them reach a higher level of education that they thought possible

Children who graduate from high school, perform well in school, and achieve beyond their expectations are successful in school and in life.