The BBBSC STARS National Conference: Build Your Legacy is an action packed, four day event that brings teens together to learn about self-awareness, healthy decision making, and serving their communities. Participants get the opportunity to live as a college student on Denver University campus and participate in workshops, group discussions, a Denver area excursion, a block party, and a career fair. The conference is an opportunity for teens to build positive relationships and find their place within the mentoring movement.

When: Sunday, July 23 - Wednesday, July 26

Career Expo on Tuesday, July 25 from 11am - 1pm

Where: University of Denver 

We are looking for Workshops! 

  • Healthy Decision-Making: Decisions and choices we make every day not only impact us but also the lives of those around us.
  • Self-Awareness: Understanding our strengths, struggles, and influences and how to manage them in a healthy way.
  • MentorLife: Investing in others and being invested in; mentoring as a lifestyle, not just an activity we do.
  • JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Legacy and LeadershipStepping into opportunities to further our impact on our communities and build a legacy.

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