STARS eMentoring Program

STARS is Going Virtual!

We are going virtual! In the spirit of safety and consistency for students, staff and partners we created an online/virtual version of our STARS Mentoring program ­- the STARS eMentoring Program. Over the past several months, we have been working with a virtual educational consultant, MENTOR Colorado and our program team to expand our curriculum and activities to meet the needs of students for a fun, engaging and educational online learning experience as we go virtual.

Through the STARS eMentoring Program, students are able to strengthen their leadership abilities; discover and practice positive social and emotional skills around mental health, healthy relationships and decision-making; gain confidence; and feel valued. We believe this program provides the safe positive social and emotional interaction your students need now more than ever.


How the Program Works:

  • The STARS eMentoring Program spans the course of 26 weeks including two weeks for pre and post surveys, 22 weeks of learning and activity sessions and four ‘buffer’ weeks built into consideration for tests, all-school engagements or school closures.

  • Each program will have one primary and one secondary program coordinator. They will work together to provide support and supervision for the mentors and mentees.

  • The program will be facilitated through Zoom. Each session and breakout room will be recorded and attended by program coordinators and your school liaison to prevent risks associated with online activities.

  • Upperclassmen mentor freshmen or high schoolers to middle schoolers with a 1:4 mentor to mentee ratio.

  • Mentors participate in six hours of initial training prior to starting their mentoring groups and participate in ongoing training and development throughout the school year.

  • Sessions are 45-60 minutes long depending on school scheduling.

This is just a quick overview of the program and what can be expected from the virtual STARS eMentoring Program. While FRIENDS FIRST is planning on g